A word about why nGendr exists: to amplify the voices of everyday trans and non-binary folk — the ones who don’t have a newspaper column, or a six-figure Twitter following, or appear on national TV chat shows. We want to be able to make the everyday heard and understood. To help people come out, transition, feel accepted, and live fulfilling lives. To help others understand what life is like for us — that transition isn’t all about the “big reveal” of that “new look”. That it’s hard, but it’s healthy. It’s a really positive thing.

Here are a few simple ways that you can help us do that:

1. If you like what we do, and find it useful, tell us! Also, tell us how we can do better.

2. Spread the word: retweet, repost, share.

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And finally 4. Get involved — if you’re trans / non-binary, we want nGendr to represent you. Get in touch!

Thank you.