In the midst of the United States’ most recent freedom-sized clusterfuck of a national conversation about the rights of transgender children to urinate in peace, you might have missed a classic piece of transphobic hypocrisy.  It’s a pre-flight checklist of the standard errors made by transphobes in trying to be as transphobic as possible without understanding… well, seemingly anything whatsoever. It would be funny if we weren’t talking about the lives of actual human beings.

A 17yr old wrestler in Texas named Mack Beggs won his 110lb weight class, and triggered a controversy because of his use of testosterone. Seems simple right? I mean, I don’t understand wrestling or Imperial measurements but I can get my head around this one.  Except there’s more to it.  Mack is a trans boy, and has to compete in the girl’s competitions despite being a) a boy, and b) on testosterone.

This is where it gets complicated for the transphobes. A quick glance below the line at any of the news articles that have covered this unearths a seething mass of people called Brad or Rusty getting agitated about these ‘transgenders’ being allowed out of Pornhub on their computers and into their weird grapply sports. It turns out these people don’t know the difference between a trans man and a trans woman.  They think that Mack is a trans girl, inexplicably taking testosterone supplements and entering girls competitions to beat girls up.  The transphobes insistance on calling trans women ‘trans males’ is coming home to roost – here, we actually have the wonderful sight of Billy-Bob McTransphobe posting on the Facebook comments, screaming “THIS HERE IS NO GIRL, ITS A GODDAMN BOY, BOY!”.  Poor Billy-Bob has inadvertently been duped by the biased, fake news mainstream media into actually getting something right.  He just doesn’t realise it.  Your standard issue transphobe doesn’t actually realise that trans men exist, thinks there are only trans women and that we’re all pervert men. The existence of anyone beyond two binary genders is crazy talk to them, almost as silly as the idea of racing cars round corners that turn right.

I’ve said for a long time that it will actually be trans men that end up breaking the transphobic way in which trans people are prevented from competing in sports as their actual gender – and often, competing at all.  We’ve heard all the arguments – ‘assigned male at birth (AMAB) people competing against assigned female at birth (AFAB) people is inherently dangerous’, ‘its just not fair’ etc etc.  Well, guess what really isn’t fair – having a guy on testosterone competing with girls!  When people start to see trans men winning girls competitions all over the place, they’ll need to do something.  And that something absolutely needs to be to set rules where people compete in the appropriate competition. Mack Beggs needs to be competing against boys, because he is one.

by Natalie Washington (@transsomething)

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