A playlist to get your weekend started, by Natalie Washington (@transsomething)

As Wednesday was International Women’s Day, this week’s playlist is composed of women whose music I admire & has made an impact on me.  It’s not exclusively female acts, but it’s the women who made the impression.  Without further ado…

M.I.A. – Bad Girls

M.I.A. is a multi-talented woman who came to music after being an artist for a bit. She’s been involved in all manner of global political activism and found the time to make a couple of huge international records along the way – this & Paper Planes.

Lady Gaga & Beyoncé – Telephone

This is basically a 2-for-1, and an all-round amazing pop record.  This is what I would have used to have called a guilty pleasure, until I realised that the concept of guilty pleasures is ridiculous, and it’s just good.

Metric – Gimme Sympathy

I basically just loved this song, and Emily Haines is a bit of an icon for me in terms of style. I love her voice too.

Throwing Muses – Not Too Soon

I got into Throwing Muses, like the whole 80s alt-rock/post-punk scene, late. Chiefly because I was about 3 when it was going on. But when I did, I really did!

PJ Harvey – Sheela-Na-Gig

PJ Harvey is right up there as one of my favourite artists, and I love her varied output. Also, when I was about 13 she probably represented everything I wanted to be, and felt I should have been. So, she has to be in this list. This song is a fairly early one because I have to maintain my hipster credentials.


Anyway, here is a Spotify playlist which you can subscribe to, and I’ll be adding to this over the coming weeks: