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Author: Charlotte McCarroll

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As the evenings grow lighter and the weather becomes warmer and brighter (sometimes), Pride season returns.  Many towns and cities across the country as well as the rest of the world put out miles of rainbow bunting and a myriad of miniature rainbow flags in a great multicolour display of inclusivity.  On the surface this all seems wonderful.  After a long history of persecution, arrest, imprisonment, attempted conversion therapy, family rejection, derision, ridicule and just plain exclusion, some places are normalising the LGBTI+ community and including us in society.  But is it really so wonderful? The Pride movement began...

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Cloaking Shields On: Going “Stealth”

Many people in the community will have heard the term “Stealth”.  It can mean a multitude of different things to different people.  For those that don’t know, it is essentially living one’s life in a post-transition era.  This can take many forms.  The most extreme example is the cutting off entirely of one’s previous life and starting completely afresh.  People who take that form of stealth will often move town, change job/career, no longer see people that were in their lives (though those people may not have been accepting anyway!), and never divulge their history.  Why should they?  The...

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Running While Trans

I have enjoyed swimming for as long as I can remember.  Something about the water, floating free and leaving my cares and worries in my wake.  However, swimming is very hard for someone transitioning.  I always felt my body was very much on show for all to see and gawk at.  So, for a good number of years I felt I could no longer swim.  I enjoyed hiking and felt I could still do that for some exercise, even if I did get some stares in the early days.  I had never really considered running.  My memories of running...

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Transmisogynists in our midst

It seems that with every week that passes we receive yet another attack on our existence.  This week is sadly no exception.  To be perfectly honest, I have come to expect nothing less.  The middle-aged privileged cis feminist lobby has an extensive platform in media.  They make their claims that they are not transphobic before launching yet another lazily composed rehash or the same old rhetoric.  Natalie discusses this week’s Times piece, so I’m going to discuss something else, the growing voice of the trans transmisogynist. Now it gets a little confusing, so just a couple of definitions.  A...

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Orgasms Trans Women Can Have

[Obvious content note for sex!] So, I recently read an article on KitschMix by Barbara Ward enlightening readers to the great versatility of the female body to experience an incredible variety of orgasms.  Like any woman, I thought – Wow! Eleven?! How many of these have I experienced or can experience? My somewhat unique position as a transgender woman opens up a raft of different yet surprisingly similar experiences but also potential for so much more.  As a pansexual trans woman who began her transition in her late twenties I have experienced sexual pleasures from a multitude of perspectives...

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