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Signal to Noise Ratio

I remember as a child being curled in bed late at night underneath the blankets, ear pressed against the speaker of a radio that I had been given by my grandmother. It was second-hand and well worn, but that didn’t matter, it was my radio, the first I owned. In the 1970s you could get the obvious BBC channels and a local station or two, but in East Kent even picking up the BBC stations on my radio could be a challenge. Being on the coast and on the wrong side of a hill the French, Belgians and Dutch...

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The 2017 General Election manifestos: what do they offer for trans and non-binary people?

Conservative The Conservatives pledge to ‘push forward with our plan for tackling hate crime committed on the basis of religion, disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity.’ This is the sole mention of gender identity/LGBT+ issues in the Conservative manifesto. ​Labour The Labour manifesto includes pledges to ‘reform the Gender Recognition Act and the Equality Act 2010 to ensure they protect Trans people by changing the protected characteristic of ‘gender assignment’ to ‘gender identity’ and remove other outdated terminology such as ‘transsexual’.’ Although some trans people do choose to identify as transsexual, this term does not represent many people in...

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One Foot in the Closet

I’m standing in the lobby of a club, waiting in line to pay for membership and entrance. The friends with whom I arrived have already been processed and have melted away down dark arterial corridors pulsing with loud, generic electronica. The music is repetitive to my ageing ears but my shoulders and hips are shedding years with every beat as I sway and long copper-red hair slides off my shoulders exactly like it does in the movies. There it is, that wonderful moment when everything aligns, everything is… right. It won’t last, of course. Like Cinderella’s, my night will...

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It’s quite fashionable to moan about The Media just now.  Leaving aside what Mr Trump has to say on the subject, of course media companies have an agenda of their own: they need to make money.  They need to get you to buy their papers, click on their websites or watch their broadcasts so that they can show you advertising. In an ideal world, they would do these things by telling compelling stories objectively and truthfully.  Sometimes, they actually do this.  But it’s not an ideal world and sometimes they don’t.  They pick the stories they tell, choosing the...

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When Did I Realise I Was Trans?

Good question! But, do we ever really know? If so, I was 36 when that light bulb went off, and it all suddenly clicked in to place. Looking back, the signs were there from early childhood, at least that’s what I tell myself. After coming out, memories started to come back, in the form of flashbacks. I’ve often wondered, did the events I remember actually happen? Like being completely jealous of a girl 2 years above me at middle school, I wanted her boots. But I can still remember exactly what she looked like, along with the boots obviously…...

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