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Author: Jenny List

The Baby Question

One of my greatest regrets in life is that I have never managed to start a family. I married someone whose enthusiasm for children turned out to be a lot less after marriage than it had been before we settled down, and as the years passed it eventually became clear that perpetual “When we’re ready” assurances really meant “Never”. It’s probably therefore now safe to admit something that as a trans woman that has always plagued me, I have an inconvenient brain that craves offspring. Had I been lucky enough to have been born with the right pipework instead...

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Operation Trans MP

OK, so the dust has settled, the election and its associated bargaining is over. Mrs. May has managed to reach her memorandum of understanding, and form a Government in conjunction with the DUP. If you are a political enthusiast, these are interesting times. One thing hasn’t changed at all though, we still have no trans MPs. Despite a group of trans people standing across several parties, sadly none of them were elected. This is not because they were not high quality candidates, merely that they were only offered unwinnable seats by their parties, or if they were in seats...

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Why Our First Trans MP Will Matter, And Why You Should Help Make It Happen

Unless you have been on another planet for the last six weeks, it should not have escaped your notice that we are in the midst of a general election campaign. The Prime Minister unexpectedly called the election two years into the Parliament, so here we are in the usual electoral silly season of claim and counter-claim. For our community, the 2017 general election is a little different from previous ones. Because it offers us just a glimmer of hope that we might see our first transgender MP, a milestone whose importance to us it would be impossible to overstate. We...

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Were My Generation Of Non-Binary People In A Trans Closet?

It can be rather depressing, spending time with students when you are approaching middle age. I remember when I was a student I felt so grown-up, such an adult, but more time has passed since then than my age at the time, and now as a 40-something they’re so young, and I feel so old in their company. Something uplifting about today’s students though is their ability to do something I couldn’t nearly thirty years ago: come out of the closet if they are trans. They have their own challenges, but finding a path at least is more straightforward than it...

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How out is out?

I’m out. Are you out? It’s an odd word that carries such a lot of baggage in our community. Being out, having a public acknowledgement of being trans, that is. It seems as though it should be a very simple thing in which you either are or you aren’t, but sadly there’s a lot more more complexity to it than that. From where I am sitting, being out is and always has been about not having the stress and worry that I might be outed by someone else if I was trying to keep anything to do with being...

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