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Author: Jenny List

How out is out?

I’m out. Are you out? It’s an odd word that carries such a lot of baggage in our community. Being out, having a public acknowledgement of being trans, that is. It seems as though it should be a very simple thing in which you either are or you aren’t, but sadly there’s a lot more more complexity to it than that. From where I am sitting, being out is and always has been about not having the stress and worry that I might be outed by someone else if I was trying to keep anything to do with being...

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Transition as a person of height: That wall CAN be broken down!

When you struggle out of the closet as a transgender person, even if the only person you are outing yourself to is yourself, it’s fair to say that you are at a confusing and vulnerable time of life. Certainties no longer exist, and a future that might involve a transition is a deeply scary place. If you breezed through it all without a care in the world then you are lucky, because it seems to me that for many people this period in their lives is marked by a succession of barriers that must be broken down one by...

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Transgender support groups for the 21st century

A friend of mine once described to me her first act of venturing forth from the closet, when after the years of torment that will be so familiar to many of us she could no longer cope with being a transgender person in the closet. She sought out her local support group online, in the early years of the last decade this was rather more opaque than the same process today. Then, still in those days presenting as male and accompanied by her wife, she summoned up all her courage and went along to the venue. She knocked on...

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How To Become A Name Change PITA

It’s something of a universal experience among trans people: changing your name. Where this is being written the name change process itself is pretty simple, but it’s understood that not every place in the world shares the United Kingdom’s relaxed attitude to names. In my case I did it a few years ago, but finding an unexpected thing still in my old name has brought me back in to the process for a moment. Once you have changed your name, of course that’s only the start. You then have to change it with a whole host of organisations, from the...

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Please Keep Your TDAR To Yourself

Recently the BBC journalist Caroline Wyatt was in the news, having received a pioneering treatment for her multiple sclerosis. As a result I saw her name also appearing in an online social media space in the trans community. It was the old chestnut: “Is she, you know, one of us?” Caroline is famous aside from for being a successful journalist, for being a lady of height. Her voice is slightly deeper than that of the average woman, and a casual Google search of her name finds much online speculation about her of the kind described in the paragraph above. Much...

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