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Author: Jenny List

Workplace Rights For Trans People, A Battle We Can Win

If you spend much time around social media in the trans world, you will find your fair share of activists for various causes associated with us. For many of them the activism consists not of loud online proclamations but of real-world involvement, getting their hands dirty so-to-speak at the grass roots of whatever arena they have chosen. People are drawn to activism for many different reasons. A few seem to do it to make a name for themselves, some come to it through deep political or religious conviction, while for many the call to arms comes through personal experience. In...

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Riding The Slow Train: Coping With A Slow Transition

There is a trope in the world of small-scale enterprise, that of the profile photograph of an entrepreneur showing its subject leaning against a Ferrari or other flashy car. It screams success, or at least that is the intention; but while some start-up owners may indeed own supercars, it’s likely that many such pictures are fake. They’ve been on a trackday, hired the car for a day, or are particularly good with Photoshop. I frequently remind myself of those Ferrari entrepreneurs who keep having to tell everyone around them how rich and successful they are, when I see the...

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Trans People In Hackspaces: Diversity In Community Groups

If you are involved in the running of a community group it’s possible that at some time you’ll have addressed the topic of diversity among your membership. Perhaps you are applying for a grant, you wish to reflect the makeup of your local population, or you’re simply anxious to extend your appeal to all possible members. You’ll probably have arrived at a set of figures showing the makeup of your organisation, and will thus have an idea of where your diversity strengths and weaknesses lie. In many cases this will focus on gender balance and ethnic diversity, but there...

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