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Author: Lisa Severn

A Night Out

It’s a 5am start as usual, a rush for the bus at the best of times, but I’m off out with work tonight and I’m out of routine, sandwiches in a bag not a box, remembering my small brolly, my eyeliner and posh lipstick for later. Dashing up the road, in the dark, why is everything in Sheffield always uphill? The bus stops in the middle of the road as usual; damn that person who parks just next to the bus stop! An ungainly step up in my unforgiving day-to-night bodycon dress earning me an eye roll ‘n’ grin...

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Transgender Day of My Visibility – Part 2

Part I Part I of this article is here   Part II I was surprisingly nervous at what I was about to do.  In my previous company I’d stood as a man in front of 20 people and told them I was going to transition and live as a woman from the following week.  I’d walked past 100 people in a dress & makeup, aged 44, without any hormones, just a few days after saying goodbye as a bloke. What on earth was I scared of now? Before, when I came out, I had no choice. It was do...

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How to Use the Toilet

It goes without saying that the abhorrent behaviour that the below article is cautioning you from doing is totally wrong and unacceptable regardless of your gender identity. It goes without saying that the vast majority of readers would never behave in this manner. This article is aimed purely at the tiny minority who do think such behaviour is acceptable.   If you’re not aware of the article India Willoughby wrote for TDoV this year, then you’re doing well.  In it she decried the rights of crossdressers and transvestites to use the ladies toilet. I strongly disagree with her opinion...

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Transgender Day of My Visibility

Part I I started at my new employer in January, moving to a company where nobody knows my old identity. All my records are in my correct name, my cv and LinkedIn in harmony, HMRC and bank accounts aligned.  No regular clinic appointments to schedule and only a vague reference to elective procedures admitted under ‘Any major surgery?’ in my standard new employee questionnaire. I haven’t mentioned being trans at all, to anybody; I can’t remember even using the word here. In this time, nobody has been horrible or crass. No whispers overheard or pointed comments.  No exclusions or...

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Real woman?

I’m up early, 5am early, still the sodding night early, making breakfast for my partner who leaves at six. Then shower and hormones and getting dressed. I apply my normal makeup, a routine that I apply day in, day out, just enough to camouflage my age and shallow my pores. My daughter laughs that I look the same after makeup as before, but I don’t mind, I look like me. There is an accident on the motorway that delays my morning commute to work; I send fervent hopes into the ether that the mangled car bodes only temporary pain...

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