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Author: Lisa Severn

A New Job

A vlog from Lisa about interviewing and meeting the team in her new job, her first since transitioning. by Lisa Severn (@lisasevern) To get involved, please contact...

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The Trans Backlash part 3 – Our passports

The UK parliamentary Women and Equalities Committee in its recent report has also made the sensible observation that the state, in this age of supposed equality, has no need to record gender on any official document and that statistical monitoring of equality issues can be handled separately and anonymously. This is undoubtedly a desirable thing. Discrimination within law on the basis of gender cannot occur if gender is never mentioned and only laws seeking to protect equality need reference to it. However, a surprising amount of media attention was brought to the issue of gender-free passports, and consequently many...

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The Trans Backlash part 2 – The GRC

In January, the UK parliamentary Women and Equalities Committee report on Transgender Equality was released.  It was widely reported on the day, with numerous trans people appearing on television, radio and in a wide variety of newspapers.  Among other things, the report was very critical of the NHS and the care of transgender prisoners, and it recommended improvements to the police, social work, schools and the courts. It also suggested simplifying the system by which people change their ‘official’ gender and proposed ‘non-gendering’ government records. The public reaction was as you might expect; occasionally supportive, but often critical.  The...

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The Trans Backlash part 1 – The NHS

You know the story. A trans person is in the news for something, anything, like picking their nose or having a past, but the public comments that follow always descend into hate, be it from those displaying the empathy of a root vegetable or those seeing their status somehow eroded by acknowledging our lives. A typical reaction is to criticise the cost to the NHS of treating trans people.  This almost always implies that everyone goes on to have surgery, which is untrue, but let’s just go with that for a moment.  Why shouldn’t trans people, a third of...

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