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Author: Natalie Washington

nGendr – The Return

We’ve been away for a bit, haven’t we? It turns out life can get a little busy, and the perils of running a tiny operation based on the goodwill of a handful of volunteers means that sometimes things fall by the wayside for a while. A lot has happened since we’ve been otherwise engaged, and not just in the sphere of trans people and the experiences, passions and opinions that we inhabit.  You could say the seeming collapse of justice, rights and possibly reason altogether makes some of our Friday Playlist articles look a bit frivolous now, however it...

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Building a Powerful Trans Lobby

It cannot have escaped anyone’s notice that the media and many of those with a platform in the UK have been on the attack against the trans community recently.  Their attack vector is our gender identity.  They will target many of us specifically based on the ease with which they can get to us.  They’ll use existing societal structures to get at those who are already at risk – sex workers, people of colour, disabled people, femme presenting people – but do not be under any illusions that they care whom among us they hurt – whatever the colour...

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Is this comparison as good as hers?

Apparently Theodore Roosevelt once said “Comparison is the thief of joy”.  If I’ve only learned two things in the past few years, it’s that a) a black woman probably said it first, and ol’ Teddy boy ended up with the credit, and b) comparison is the thief of joy. The problem is that most of the time, all we have is comparison!  Am I successful? Let me compare my achievements with those of a similar cohort of people from a comparable background.  Am I beautiful? Let me compare myself with a sample of other people and work out where...

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Looking forward to Trans Pride Brighton 2017

It’s Trans Pride Brighton time again! Last year, we did a Trans Pride preview where we asked a few trans people to share their thoughts on Pride, what it means to them, and what they were looking forward to. This year, we want to expand on that!  We want to hear from trans & non-binary people about their feelings about Trans Pride, or Pride in general.  Send us an email, and we’ll include your thoughts on some articles coming up over the next few weeks.  Try to include the following: Name you’d like to use Gender as you’d describe it...

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Why is how we name our surgeries such an emotive subject?

[CN: Surgery] You are unlikely to be able to spend much time in the trans community without running into some form of unholy firestorm about which terminology we should use to describe the act of clinically rearranging one’s genitalia to conform to a social norm most typically associated with our gender.  Anyone who has ever been on a Facebook group and declared themselves delighted to be undergoing surgery has probably had someone fire back with something along the lines of “I am happy for you but I prefer to call it Choppy McSlicetime”, or more likely something a little...

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