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Author: Natalie Washington

Natalie’s Friday Playlist – International Women’s Day Special

A playlist to get your weekend started, by Natalie Washington (@transsomething) As Wednesday was International Women’s Day, this week’s playlist is composed of women whose music I admire & has made an impact on me.  It’s not exclusively female acts, but it’s the women who made the impression.  Without further ado… M.I.A. – Bad Girls M.I.A. is a multi-talented woman who came to music after being an artist for a bit. She’s been involved in all manner of global political activism and found the time to make a couple of huge international records along the way – this & Paper Planes. Lady Gaga & Beyoncé – Telephone This is basically a 2-for-1, and an all-round amazing pop record.  This is what I would have used to have called a guilty pleasure, until I realised that the concept of guilty pleasures is ridiculous, and it’s just good. Metric – Gimme Sympathy I basically just loved this song, and Emily Haines is a bit of an icon for me in terms of style. I love her voice too. Throwing Muses – Not Too Soon I got into Throwing Muses, like the whole 80s alt-rock/post-punk scene, late. Chiefly because I was about 3 when it was going on. But when I did, I really did! PJ Harvey – Sheela-Na-Gig PJ Harvey is right up there as one of my favourite artists, and...

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Trans women are allowed to be wrong, and still be women

Another Sunday arrives, and with it another hit piece about trans women in a British newspaper.  We’re used to this by now, of course, but I’ll admit to getting slightly bored by the tiresome carousel of repetition of the same old tropes, the same tepid takes, and the same blunt instruments of attack. This week’s episode (paywalled) sees Jenni Murray of BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour telling us that trans women are not ‘real women’. Once I picked myself up off the floor at the unbridled shock that anyone associated with Woman’s Hour could hold the slightest opinion contrary to...

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Natalie’s Friday Playlist – The (Delayed) Start

A playlist to get your weekend started, by Natalie Washington (@transsomething) I always bang on about how nGendr is supposed to be for trans & nonbinary people to excitedly nerdgasm over stuff they love, and that it doesn’t all have to be about gender – it can be about anything.  Yet, everything we receive always seems to be about that.  And maybe we haven’t set the best example.  So, this is me getting excited about something that I enjoy.  Everyone thinks they have the best musical taste, but most people are, of course, wrong. Because I do. So I’m going to share a few songs that I’ve been enjoying every week, and hopefully you will too.  And if nobody listens, I don’t care, because I’ll enjoy doing it.  Here is this week’s selection: The Sugarcubes – Birthday Before Bjork was Bjork (well actually she still was Bjork and had been in another band, but nevermind), she was in this Icelandic band with her then-husband, who had a touch of The Cure about them. I love Bjork’s voice, and this is a lovely record. Not one for karaoke though. GUM – Anesthetized Lesson GUM is basically Jay Watson out of Tame Impala. I love a bit of dirty 80s-sounding synth-electro (I suspect you’ll be hearing a lot more of that sort of thing on these playlists), and this is one...

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Americans wrestle with balancing transphobia against some really quite obvious realities

In the midst of the United States’ most recent freedom-sized clusterfuck of a national conversation about the rights of transgender children to urinate in peace, you might have missed a classic piece of transphobic hypocrisy.  It’s a pre-flight checklist of the standard errors made by transphobes in trying to be as transphobic as possible without understanding… well, seemingly anything whatsoever. It would be funny if we weren’t talking about the lives of actual human beings. A 17yr old wrestler in Texas named Mack Beggs won his 110lb weight class, and triggered a controversy because of his use of testosterone. Seems...

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How to Solve a Problem Like the Gender Identity Clinics?

Anyone who has been anywhere near the UK trans & non-binary community will know that the Gender Identity Clinic system is a consistent sore point, being as it is the only way for most people in the UK to access any sort of medical transition, should they wish to.  It’s woefully underfunded, slow and clunky.  Things may be improving in some areas, but demand is consistently rising and the apparatus is creaking under the weight. We’re often told that this system is under review, but what does that mean?  Review is all very well, but without action, review is...

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