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Author: Natalie Washington

nGendr Live! (Episode 01) – Press Treatment, Hate Crime & Pope’s Comments

The first edition of our live show!  This week, Lisa Severn, Charlotte McCarroll, Rachel Evans and Natalie Washington talk about the treatment of trans people in the UK press, reporting of hate crimes and the Pope’s recent comments about transgender people. Why not subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified when new shows are scheduled? We’re starting off with them every two...

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Get Involved!

We need you to get involved with nGendr so that we can be representative of everyone who wants to be!  Watch this video for an idea of the sort of things you could do!  There’s sure to be something, even if you don’t think so right now.  Remember, to get involved, take a look at our About page, and then Contact Us!...

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Trans Pride Brighton 2016 – Preview

You will probably have noticed that we’re all quite excited at the moment.  It’s because most of us are going to Brighton this weekend for the 4th iteration of Trans Pride! As such, we probably won’t be posting new articles on nGendr until next week, however we will be hitting social media HARD.  If you don’t already, make sure you follow us on: Twitter: @n_gendr Instagram: ngendrpics Facebook: For more information about Trans Pride, see the Facebook page or Tumblr page. If you see us there, say hello! We asked a few nGendr contributors to give their thoughts on what...

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The Gender Games

There has been a great deal of attention paid recently to the subject of trans people competing in elite sport, triggered by the change in the International Olympic Committee’s rules around eligibility, and more recently the news that two trans women could compete for Team GB in Rio later this summer. Alas, any talk of trans people (particularly trans women) in sport inevitably unleashes an extremely unsightly torrent of transmisogyny – indeed, usually allied to a fair dollop of good old fashioned misogyny too.  Women’s sport has always been followed around by more than its fair share of wonderfully...

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The nGendr Manifesto

Welcome to nGendr! This is a project with a very simple aim – to provide a way of amplifying the voices of trans and non-binary people.  Somewhere for us to talk about what we love to talk about.  Somewhere we can be passionate about what makes us angry, what gives us joy, what makes us laugh.  It’s a place for us to share that with each other & beyond. Since coming out and getting to know other trans & NB people, it has really struck me just how much talent and unashamed enthusiasm there is out there for things that have absolutely nothing to do with gender, transitioning or anything in that sphere.  Of course, this is obvious – that’s the human condition, right?  Well, sometimes it feels like we’re only valued for that narrow set of experiences, for our assumed ‘fascinating insight’ into the world.  In fact, often it’s not even as deep as that – it’s just inspiration porn or a fetish.  If we’re lucky, we have a ‘unique perspective into sexism’ or an excuse to push someone’s liberal credentials. Even where trans and non-binary people are celebrated, it’s usually because we unexpectedly meet societal ideals around beauty, or because we’re lucky enough to have been in a notable position before coming out and therefore already have a platform.  I’m sure we’ve all seen more than enough...

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