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Author: nGendr

WEEK 6: The Best Thing About Being Trans

Woop woop! We made it to the end of week 6, and the end of the series. This week’s subject was “The Best Thing About Being Trans”. Poor Charlotte M was ill, so was unable to record a video for us this week. ? So, here it is, the final five. Charlotte W: Natalie: Lisa: Rachel: and Ashley: … and that’s a wrap! Sometimes the videos were really fun to make, and sometimes, especially for some of the subject matter, they were really hard. We hope you’ve enjoyed watching them, and found them … informative? Inspiring? Interesting? Useful? Somehow...

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WEEK 5: The Hardest Part Of Transition

So, we made it to the end of week 5. The hard week, in which we talked about “The Hardest Part Of Transition”. Only one more week to go, and it’s the upbeat one, “The Best Thing About Being Trans”. But before we get there, here’s your one-stop-shop to see week 5 again. For Charlotte W, it was all about her voice: Natalie spoke about the dangers of comparing yourself against the rich and famous: Lisa told a long, harrowing tale of her surgeries: Rachel … well, I just sort of waffled about several things. Sorry: Charlotte M talks...

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A Word About Why nGendr Exists

A word about why nGendr exists: to amplify the voices of everyday trans and non-binary folk — the ones who don’t have a newspaper column, or a six-figure Twitter following, or appear on national TV chat shows. We want to be able to make the everyday heard and understood. To help people come out, transition, feel accepted, and live fulfilling lives. To help others understand what life is like for us — that transition isn’t all about the “big reveal” of that “new look”. That it’s hard, but it’s healthy. It’s a really positive thing. Here are a few...

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WEEK 4: Relationships now I’m out as trans

In week 4 we talked about ‘Relationships Now I’m Out As Trans’. If you’ve somehow missed any of these videos, then clearly you’re slacking because you should be subscribed to our YouTube channel over at If you did that, you wouldn’t have to come over and read these summary posts on the blog. But if you didn’t read the blog, you’d miss out on our other articles! Sigh. Maybe you should just subscribe and follow everything, idk. Week 5 will be about “The hardest part about transition”, so that’ll be a laugh. But we’re working our way up towards...

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WEEK 3: Being transgender at work

This week our contributors talked about ‘Being Transgender At Work’. Here’s your one-stop-shop to catch up with what Charlotte W, Natalie, Lisa, Rachel, Charlotte M & Ashley had to say. Of course, if you subscribe to our YouTube channel ?? @ you’ll get to see the all the videos when they become available, every time ? Six more videos next week!   Charlotte W: Natalie: Lisa: Rachel: Charlotte M (boop! boop!): and finally, Ashley: Subscribe for more next...

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