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Author: Rachel Evans

Old names and faces: on protecting our pasts

Can you remember the names of the kids in your class when you were at school? How far back? Even the ones who were neither your friends, nor your bullies? I can’t claim to remember all of them, but I’ve got quite a few stashed away in my head still, from age 5. Mark, Daniel, Tony, Sarah, Melanie, Karen (though at about age 8, she got moved to the year above the rest of us), Nina, Gary, Justin with the double-barrelled surname. I remember all their surnames, by the way — I’m just declining to publish them. Ah, and...

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Late to the Party? Let’s Learn Some LGBT History

I didn’t seriously think about my gender identity, actually really questioning my gender, until I was in my late 30s. I came out as gender non-conforming at age 39, and as trans at age 40. And because I realised I was a trans woman, that therefore made me lesbian too. So for the first 39 or so years of my life, I thought of myself as a cis-het male; and then from age 40-ish onwards, I’ve been a trans lesbian. Basically, I’m still very new to all things LGBT, and I have no choice but to admit it, I’m...

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What Trans Pride means to me

The first LGBT event I ever went to was Summer 2014, a march in London. I didn’t really have any friends who I could go with, so I went along on my own – and yes, I enjoyed the day, but it was an event that seemed oddly without purpose or direction, somewhat sparsely attended, and I made only fleeting connections to other people. Then, later that year, something started to change: I started to find a group of people, on Twitter, who I became friends with. Like, really friends – in a way that I didn’t even realise...

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On Sparkle, the Spectrum, and whatever “Transition” means

As I write this I’m here in Manchester for Sparkle Weekend, 2017. It’s only the second time I’ve been – I came last year too – and while it’s not quite the ideal event for me personally, I have nevertheless returned. Why? It’s obvious to anyone who’s been here, that although it bills itself as “the world’s largest trans celebration”, the event itself is aimed far more at the part-time / cross-dressing end of the transgender spectrum than at people like me. And although I’m not a fan of the label “transsexual”, it’s definitely at times like these when...

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Scleroderma and Me

This article is also available as audio   You know how the story begins. The bit about trying to get HRT, that magic wand to give puberty a second wind, to drive changes in one’s body and mind in the desired direction, towards one’s correct gender. To get you nearer to where you need to be. I’d first gone to my GP near the start of 2013; and then, near the start of 2015 (yes, I think I was lucky – I only had to wait 24 months), I was at last on a combination of a T-blocker injection,...

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