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Author: Rachel Evans

Safe Spaces & Trans Pride Brighton

Warning: Mention of sexual assault, included with the survivor’s consent Recently I went to Trans Pride Brighton – the second time I’ve been, and it was bigger and better than the year before. On a misty but warm Saturday morning, we gathered to march; and unlike last year where we effectively just did a short loop around the block, this year the route took us down to the seafront, then a good mile or so along the main road before arriving at the park for the afternoon’s event. As we marched, we waved our flags, blew whistles, tooted horns,...

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Impossible Steps

No-one can ever know about this. I can’t tell her. I must tell her. But she’ll leave me. She knows, and she’s not leaving. But she must never see me like this. She has seen, but she will never accept this. She accepts, but she will never support me in this. She supports me, but people who don’t know me must never see this. People who don’t know me is one thing; but my friends can never know. My friends are actually cool with it. But I can never tell anyone at work. My boss was surprised, but supportive....

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Clean Break, or Graceful Transition?

When I came out to my wife, I didn’t know where it would lead. I expected rejection; what I got was support. So then although my wife knew about this other side of me, it remained hidden from the rest of the world. Within a few days, this other side of me had a codename. If my wife and I were out clothes shopping together, instead of her saying “I think this dress would suit you”, it would be “Do you think Rachel would like this?”. For the first year or so after coming out, I still called myself...

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